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Intercom repair
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4000" audio GSM system

1) System description:

This is GSM intercom system meaning that it uses mobile phone network to connect to either mobile phone or to landline number. Also like mobile phone it has SIM card fitted inside and like in case of mobile phone monthly fee is applicable. Last time I checked cheapest contract SIM was 15£/month. (You'll need to get your own contract).

In most scenarios wired system is much more cost effective but there are few scenarios where iGSM comes handy.

a) In  luxury properties where cabling does not exist and fitting new ones is not possible.
b) In properties that require  underground cabling, In this case GSM system  may be more cost effective.
c) In properties with 10+ apartments where organising access to all of them is not possible.
d) In properties where distance between gate and apartment is significant.
e) In any other properties where cost is not an issue and tenants don't want to be bothered with installation
    of cables and equipment in their apartments. (All I need is list of  their telephone numbers)

NOTE : In contrast to what "wireless system" may suggest it does require some cables to power it and to power
             lock release.


2)  Estimated cost of installation

No. of  flats

New install
(new system and wiring)

1 1450
2 1450
3 1500
4 1510
5 1510
6 1510
7 1510
8 1600
9 1600
10 1650
Recessed door panel + £85
Heavy Duty CISA Lock + £120
Magnetic lock + 500£
Keypad + £200


3) Prices in table above are valid on following conditions:

a) All wiring will be surface mounted (clipped to skirting or wall),
b) Front panel will be on-surface type,
c) Front door is made of wood and fitted with "Yale" type latch lock,
d) If not present than cost to install standard "Yale" type rim latch lock is

4) Warranties   2 years

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intercom installation, door phone installation, door entry phone installation , door intercom system , london, entry system
door entry system